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My childhood wishes essay Posted: vasybulkin1 Date of post: Indeed, the spiritual sorrows and unpleasantness of old age stems, to a large extent, from the fact that the old person feels that life was in the past, when he was a young adult, and that he cannot live in the preset.

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The ideal of adulthood exerts a tremendous influence on the life of every human being: from the very beginning — when the child either is forcefully dragged into the adult world or kept completely removed from it — until old age, when one feels like a degenerating creature, going from a state of perfection towards death.

The ideal of adulthood is closely related to physical health and the ability to enjoy the possibilities of the healthy body. Consequently, the adult person can actually enjoy the possibilities and pleasures that pertain to this age in only a very small portion of the time. Even the greater part of adult life is spent preparing towards the real thing, either by studying or by working.

Thus, instead of living, one only wants to live.

Thus, even the more superficial aspects of this ideal, once examined, make no sense. So much life is wasted because of this kind of education! A deeper look into the content of this ideal makes it look no better. For what is the inner content of a life centered on this ideal? Does such a life bring happiness? If so, then adulthood ought not to be better or worse than any other period of life.

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The happiness of adulthood, then, is no better or worse than the forms of happiness that pertain to other life- periods. True, adulthood has its own distinct forms of pleasure and happiness; but the child and the old person, too, have their own special sources of happiness. Why should the old man regret the bygone past?

The child, looking forward to when he grows up, cedes — both out of his own will and because of his education — many childhood experiences. Yet when he grows up, he finds no special happiness in adulthood, no general change for the better that justifies the expectations that robbed him of his childhood.

He sees that he has merely substituted one form of life with another.

As against this ideal of adulthood, which centers all of life on one, senseless point, stands the Jewish-human ideal of living life in its entirety. This means, living life as it is at any given time. It means not dreaming about some remote happiness, in the past or in the future, but rather living the happiness and pleasures of real, actual life — to live life in the present.

Essay on my childhood wishes

In other words, it is to accept life and its general course as it is, and to live it accordingly. This ideal says that if there is perfection in life, it is to be found equally at any point in life; and if life is to be improved, it is to be improved in its entirety. Living means living and appraising life in terms taken from within life itself. It means enjoying all the possibilities that life offers in each and every stage of life.

The human aspect of this ideal can teach us a complete, total way of living every part of the entirety of life. Yet this ideal has a higher, more essential aspect: the fundamental religious aspect, which gives us the inner significance of things. From the human point of view, life is but life, its main goal being life itself. This mission contains many parts and details, yet its essence is to perfect the body, the soul and the world, in the framework of an ongoing relationship with God.