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The plot features many twists and turns, and a vaguely Pynchonesque climax, after which the reader is meant to draw larger conclusions about institutional and societal racism in America. Although he himself is white, Winters' attempt at writing from the perspective of a man of color works, the occasional ebonic phrasing included.

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Underground Airlines becomes problematic when you consider the function that slavery serves in the novel. There are moral implications associated with turning genocide into genre fodder, particularly for a writer whose ancestors were not directly affected by the genocide he is writing about. Underground Airlines uses slavery for the purpose of profundity, while The Underground Railroad memorializes slavery in a move toward recognition, truth, collective grief, and reconciliation. Writing about race in America has seldom been more popular than it is today, which is precisely why it is important to have conversations about this body of work and the ways in which we explore racial trauma.

I sincerely hope that more white writers take on the topic of race in this historic moment. I have no problem with cultural appropriation. People have been doing it for millennia.

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But when it comes to an issue like the harrowing institution of slavery in America, the conversation should be had carefully. It takes a truly great writer to turn trauma into great literature. With Underground Airlines , we see how formidable the challenge of turning trauma into literature can be. He is at work on a collection of short fiction and a novel. The National Book Review.

By Zack Graham As race in America has come to dominate public discourse, we are beginning to see an influx of novels exploring the topic. Email Address. Sign Up. To display items in this block, you'll need a connected account. Edit this block and select an account from the drop-down menu.

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You can also connect a new account. Even the black men who were mistreating others perceived the white men as superior creatures. Ridgeway says that the white men from Europe deserve to privileges despite him having compared them to trash. But he is more assured that they deserve special treatment than the black men. These chains were also used to hold the slaves.

Economic interests were the drivers of white supremacy and brutality to slavery. Slave catcher and those who were used to force slaves to labor were only interested in the profits they would make. They disregarded the human feelings and morality as they prioritized on their gains. This was selfishness of the highest level. They turned black men into the source of income.

The Underground Railroad Is Not Like The Railroad

They disregarded humanity and morality Bordewich, Those men who had a close association with the white thought they were superior to other slaves. However, they were assured that the white men were better than them; for example, Ridgeway was able to interact with the White men as he was growing.

This is the reason he was so cruel to the free slaves. The agents of the white supremacy were just interested in serving their superiors and never thought of how they could help the others. Only those who were not closely associated with the supremacy were able to recognize that they were being misused. Those who were benefiting from the slaves indirectly never considered their cats as evil.

White slave owners made sure African slaves forgot their culture so that they could not have anything that would bring them together. Dividing the Africans and making them care about their interests was a strategy used by the white slave owners to reduce resistance Bordewich, A divided community would never succeed in planning resistance since some of the slaves who would wish to be friends with the slave owners so that they could get favors would go and report the plans.

The slaves were never allowed to have traditional or religious practices. They were punished for using their mother tongue language.

Escaping Slavery but Not Its Scars on the Underground Railroad - Electric Literature

The treatment the African slaves received at the hands of the white slave owners was humiliating. But it was worse being sold to slavery by friends who you share culture and heritage. The slaves never knew any way out of slavery, and some of them would wish they were dead so that they would end their suffering. An example is Ajarry who was captured as a slave since she was young. Every person likes freedom and the love of a family.

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Slaves were suffering both physically and mentally due to the conditions they were subjected to and the loneliness they experienced since they were not allowed to have good times. Women suffered more because they were raped by their owners and slave traders. Inhumanity was a way of life that many people would never care about the others.

Ajarry was raped when she was being transported in a ship Whitehead, and Serge, She was raped six times.