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For example, I came across the same set of instructions when grading state writing exams a number of years ago. I was surprised in discussing the scoring rubric that a student could achieve a perfect 6 score without including a conclusion. Clearly, these test-writers did not appreciate the value of the essay conclusion. However, the teaching of the introduction strategies the hooks and the conclusion strategies receive short shrift.

My guess is that teachers have little knowledge and experience about these essay components, and so they focus on what they know, have done, and can teach best.

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But we do have other models of how the essay conclusion can be an essential ingredient to the essay. Talk to any upper elementary, middle, or high school science teacher about the role that conclusions play in the scientific method. The conclusions in science lab reports come to mind: a true analysis of the observations; commentary on the experimental design; verification of the hypothesis; suggestions for related research and experimentation.

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Check a related article on How to Teach the Essay Conclusion for a variety of conclusion strategies. Learn how to use these comments to respond to first or second drafts, and not just as summative comments on the final draft. Comments are categorized and given a simple alphanumeric code to access a downloaded comment. Consider using a different grammatical sentence opener or opening transition word to avoid repetition. The conclusion must satisfy the reader that the purpose has been achieved or point of view has been convincingly argued.

Delaying the Grade: How to Get Students to Read Feedback | Cult of Pedagogy

Therefore, students will easier perceive information and understand what they need to do. It may concern freshmen more. They are new to college life and rules. A paper may be their first serious writing, and a teacher has to know how to motivate students. Apart from highlighting major mistakes, a teacher should show strong points of a paper too. In that case, a students will see they are moving the right way, but there are some things they should pay attention to. Sign In Chat.

Open Navigation Close Navigation. Comments Does Not Always Help A teacher uses comments to show a student where their arguments are fine and where they should revise their paper.

Comments may contradict A teacher may make corrections on your grammar and offer to think over the idea a little bit more. Comments are vague Teachers want their students provide an exact idea with clear facts. How To Teach With Comments If a teacher would like to avoid moments mentioned above, they should ask themselves what they want their students to learn and how their comments can help those students with that, Sommers says. Comments on the first and the final drafts should be different. Fixing grammar is not a first thing to do.

Delaying the Grade: How to Get Students to Read Feedback

Explain what comments are for Many students do not understand why teachers leave comments on their papers. The best thing about passing out the comments before the essay is due is that it becomes a student writing checklist.

Conventions you can use proofreading marks for most problems. Bright Hub Education.

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