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However I believe that there are three important roles that would be more appropriate for the future of policing. Community Policing Introduction Although policing has been around for many decades, law enforcement roles have not changed too significantly.

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Media, such as television shows and movies, portray law enforcement officers as fearless crime fighters who are in daily high speed chases and shoot outs. While these crimes may be possible, it is not likely on a daily basis.

So, just what do police officers respond too then? They deal with many various types of service calls each month and year including little. As our society changes the technology that we use will also be altered to fit the situation. The barriers.

Future of Policing Essay Words 7 Pages. Future of Policing The future of policing is fairly clear in what direction it is heading. Some of the reforms that will probably take place in the future include, better educated police officers and police managers, consolidation of police departments to save on money and resources, upgraded technology, race and gender equality, better testing techniques to recruit and promote within the department, and improved proactive planning techniques.

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One of these proactive tools that will surely become more widely used and implemented better is community policing. It has been evolving since its first introduction into the …show more content…. State police, county police, village police, sheriffs department, and private police can all share the same area of jurisdiction and all be spending money and resources on the same things. Instead of this, consolidation of some of these would reduce the amount of money spent on the same areas, and patrols could be redirected to hot spots or further areas that could not be reached before.

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    This document from the U. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services contains a series of essays by law enforcement leaders from around the country on what policing will be like in the United States 10 years from now. The scope of the essays covers a wide range of topics including the core mission of police work, the ideal characteristics of leaders, the role of the community in policing, the impact of the economy on police departments, and how to measure the successes of law enforcement.

    Other themes covered by the essays include the influence of technology in policing, how to measure police effectiveness, staffing issues that will be relevant to future police departments, and examination of why police officers do what they do.