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They do not have an idea of how it feels like watching a close member of the family dying or being taken away to become a slave.

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers

For this reason, the author is trying to educate students in schools about what was happening during the Cambodian genocide. Additionally, they get to know the truth about their history relating to what is hidden from them by other history books about the Cambodian genocide.

The first strength of the book is showing readers different human rights that were violated by the Khamer Rouge regime in Cambodia. According to universal human rights, people have a right to stay where they want. Additionally, people have a right to own property. Secondly, people are not supposed to be tortured at all times regardless of the motives. The book clearly shows how people were tortured. Torturing of any form violates human rights US Department of State, Finally, the book is clearly showing readers how Cambodians were forced to work in the fields angains their own will and without pay.

All these practices are against human rights. Secondly, the book clearly shows readers how the rights of children were violated by Pol Pot and his allies in Cambodia. First, children were deprived of a childhood, when they were supposed to enjoy themselves. Instead of being left to play in the fields, they were made to work like slaves.

In this case, the book clearly illustrates this fact, when Ung is forced to abandon the life she was used to before and to live another life full of hardships during the Cambodian genocide. Furthermore, it is against human rights to use children as child soldiers. The book indicates how Ung was taken by the soldiers to become a child soldiers to fight for Khamer Rouge era Leitsinger, Finally, it is against human rights to separate children from their mother.

In this case, the book clearly shows different human rights violations that Pol Pot was causing to the innocent people of Cambodia. Thirdly, the book gives clear detailed accounts of events that were happening in history of Cambodia between and Most historical books that were written to describe this period of history do not provide detailed account of events that were happening at that time. They only present facts leaving out the details of what was happening. The book has provided chronological account of events that occurred from the moment the Khamer Rouge regime entered into power to the moment it was defeated by Vietnam, who was saving people from the genocide.

In this case, the book can be used to provide accurate historical content for studies in schools. Finally, the book is strongly engaging readers to feel what the author went through as a child during the Cambodian civil war. When people are reading this book, they become involved in the story and can relate to what Ung was going through.

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On the other hand, readers can understand what it feels like when somebody violates their human rights US Department of State, In this way, the book makes the readers have an idea of what was happening in the past in Cambodia. There are two main reasons why this book can be used for purposes of teaching people about genocide in modern times. The first reason is that the book is based on true events that happened during Cambodian genocide.

First They Killed My Father Netflix Review

Additionally, the author of the book, Ung, experienced all the events that took place during that time. Therefore, the book is giving the readers a true and honest account of what was happening during the genocide. The second reason for using the book to teach people about genocide is that the book is showing details in history that could have been omitted by other historical books. Chanrithy Him was 9 and living with her family in Phnom Penh when the Khmer Rouge forced the entire population of the city to evacuate their homes and trek into the countryside.

Luong Ung was 5 and living with her parents and six brothers and sisters when that occurred. Him's book, ''When Broken Glass Floats'' the title refers to a Cambodian proverb , takes her and her large family to a village called Daakpo in northeastern Cambodia and then, after the Vietnamese invasion of drove the Khmer Rouge from power, to a Thai refugee camp.

Ung's book, ''First They Killed My Father,'' describes a similar trajectory, beginning in Phnom Penh and winding to a place called Ro Leap in far western Cambodia; in , the surviving members of the Ung family escaped to Vietnam, and then by boat to Thailand. Both Ms. Him and Ms. Ung, who now live in the United States, tell their stories straightforwardly, vividly, and without any strenuous effort to explicate their importance, allowing the stories themselves to create their own impact.

Neither of these writers speculates on why the French-educated Khmer Rouge leaders, who seized power after a long guerrilla war, forged a regime in which cruelty and murder became revolutionary values. But they do tell, graphically enough so that it is sometimes difficult to keep on reading, what it meant to be in the way of those values in the years that they prevailed in Cambodia. Him writes of a stretch of several months when, at age 10, she worked in a labor camp.

In the name of padewat the revolution. Ung have written what might be seen as representative stories from the Cambodia of to They came from educated middle-class families, the kind of people who were anathema to the Khmer Rouge, who saw education as an obstacle to acceptance of the radical equality they espoused.

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Him's father was a government bureaucrat; Ms. Ung's, a military policeman. Both were killed by the Khmer Rouge, and so, later, were their wives.

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Both authors also lost siblings and friends from starvation, overwork, exhaustion and disease. As children, Ms.

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