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Keep in mind that you should start each body paragraph with a strong and clear topic sentence. Actually, this is a sentence that indicates what you will write about.

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The idea expressed in the topic sentence should be further elaborated and supported with evidence and examples. Personal experience examples are also recommended.

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Double-check whether ideas expressed in the body paragraphs are linked to those mentioned in the thesis statement. Reiterate the thesis and reemphasize the main findings you have obtained. However, make sure you do not repeat the exact phrases and formulations from the introduction or the main body. Paraphrase the core findings in other words. If you have come up with some new ideas or revelations, make sure to pinpoint to them in the conclusion.

If you have never written a response essay before, you should definitely read six best ways to respond to an essay:.

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If you want to submit an impressive response essay paper, you should definitely come up with creative response essay topics. CHAT online. Buy Research Papers. Essay Help. Case Study. Math Problems.

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    How to Write a Reader Response Essay

    Best Price Guarantee! Try to understand whether there is any subtext and provide your interpretation of the major idea. Evaluate the text: At this stage, you are expected to find both the pros and cons of the text. It won't be as easy as ABC, but you should do your best to evaluate the text not saying just that you think it is really good or, vice versa, it is not well-written. You should give evidence of why you think so. Don't be afraid to agree or disagree with the author of the text. Prepare an outline. A clear and concise plan will be very helpful for writing a response essay.

    If you are lazy to craft it, you take risks to miss something important.

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    You should identify the main points and organize them the right way. Response Essay Format: Check the Requirements Like any other academic assignment, a response essay should be written in accordance with a certain format. The 1st part: The very first line should contain the name of the author and the name of the work.

    Your first part of the paper will be devoted to the summary of the text. You are allowed to use quotes from the text if they allow reflecting the atmosphere of the text better or if you can't express a certain idea better than the author did. You need not just retell what the text is about. Your task is to process the information you have got, and share it with the reader. Your beginning should obligatorily contain a response essay thesis statement, which is a sentence or two communicating the major idea.

    The 2d part: The second half of your paper is aimed at discovering what your personal attitude to the text is.