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Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. All rights reserved. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. When the audience first meets Wall-E, he is alone on Earth with nothing but a pet cockroach. Even though the planet is deemed as uninhabitable for humans, Wall-E must continue to follow his directive of cleaning the garbage off the planet….

WALL-E: A Movie Displaying a Likely Future In a world today where humans litter even the minute of a thing such as a simple can of soda, where students rely solely on calculators and computers to complete class or school work, moreover; small businesses present day cannot even thrive due to the dominance of corporations in the world.

Thus, the direction society is headed is a future that is doomed to over consumption, an overbearing reliance on technology and corporate capitalism. With that said…. Reducing the amount of technology that humans depend on is one of the simple solutions that could be used to solve a problem before one arises. If it was humanly possible to live without the use of technology before than humans can actively try and find ways to help our society with the technology epidemic before it catches up…. In the movie Wall-E by John Carter, a robot by the name of Wall-E has a life job of cleaning up the Earth that had been destroyed and polluted by the human race as it became overpopulated and contaminated by too much urbanization.

Analysis Of The Movie ' Wall E '

While saving Eve, he discovers how the human race is unable to care for themselves…. These worlds rely on technology to do simple tasks and cause them to have very little human interaction. In both stories the government has too much authority, which worsens the life of the citizens. Fahrenheit and Wall-E both take place in the future.

In the novel there are firemen who, instead of putting out fires, set them to burn books. Bradbury tells a story of a fireman…. Throughout the movie Wall-E made many points and reasons of how our world could get to the destruction point in an unrealistic way. Drinking food out of cups and restoring Earth from nothing are all examples that are shown in the movie. During the time frame of the movie it shows how the…. If the problem of over consuming and wastefulness is not addressed, then life as we know it will cease to exist.

Watching the movie Wall-E, it was apparent that many public health topics were intertwined with the storyline. It seemed that public health and the goal of prevention was not an idea which anyone was aware of or intended to implement in their society.

WALL-E, the Anthropocene, and the Future of Humanity

It promotes liberal fascism! WALL-E predicts an Earth choked with waste, sentenced to death by its former inhabitants' shortsightedness and need for instant gratification—in short, it's the same logline used by every environmentalist organization asking you to recycle, cut down on your consumption of fossil fuels, and maybe not eat everything out of a Styrofoam container if it's not too much trouble. So naturally the same people who have accused Al Gore of "fascism" for urging immediate bipartisan action on global warming, namely the ever-vigilant-against-perceived-liberal-bias crusaders at The National Review , have come out swinging against WALL-E , accusing it of promoting "Malthusian fear mongering.

From the first moment of the film, my kids were bombarded with leftist propaganda about the evils of mankind. It's a shame, too, because the robot had promise. The story was just awful, however. Nice to see that Disney and Pixar can make mega-millions off of telling us just how greedy, lazy, and destructive we all are. Right, as opposed to making millions off of telling us how powerful, righteous, and handpicked for greatness by almighty God we are. While the influence of "enviro-wackos" is easy enough for "right-thinking" people to ignore, others—like Editor-In-Chief of The Rational Argumentator Gennady Stolyarov II—see it as an out-and-out Marxist attack.

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In his essay "WALL-E: Economic Ignorance And The War On Modernity," Stolyarov cites the fact that fast-food restaurants are serving "health foods," "landfills are remarkably effective at storing garbage," and that traditional farming is, like, hard and stuff as flaws in the film's logic:. WALL-E is an assault on modern civilization, borne of deep economic and historical ignorance.

The film shamefully betrays the efforts of countless heroic individuals who have raised humanity out of the muck of barbarism.

Environmental Message in Wall-E Essay Example

Its anti-technological, anti-capitalist message needs to be exposed and countered by all thinking individuals. Have fun in your socialist work camp, toiling to grow vegetables for your new liberal Nazi overlords! It's prejudiced against fat people! Of course, the real "villain" in WALL-E isn't the faceless, greedy corporation and none-too-subtle Wal-Mart substitute Buy 'N Large, but the big, stupid man in the mirror: Undone by their own unchecked consumption and aberrant laziness, humans find themselves exiled from Earth and set adrift on a never-ending luxury space cruise, where they spend all day floating around on hover-chairs, slurping cupcake shakes, and playing virtual golf.

Such torpidity has caused their bodies to atrophy and balloon to the point where they're basically amorphous blobs—and thus WALL-E has also managed to piss off America's "fat pride" community. WALL-E specifically singles out and targets obese people as the primary cause of mankind's demise, further perpetuating the stereotype of the gluttonous, slothful fat person.

Furthermore, the film suggests that, in their exaggerated laziness, obese people disregard not only personal health, but also that of the planets, and are held up as the cause for the destruction of the environmental landscape. This is, despite mountains of evidence that show, as a group, fat people do not eat more than thin people, nor are they less active, and that the so-called "obesity epidemic" has been greatly exaggerated by self-serving corporate interests.

That sentiment is echoed over at Fatshionista , which characterizes the film as "deeply unfortunate":.

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