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This I do not know. Anyhow, in the morning, more boxes appear, and children act very wild, almost savage-like.

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They rip up all of the paper covering the boxes, and leave a mess on the floor. It seems that the boxes were for them all along, not another being or deity. That is curious. Why did they not just give them to the people in the first place? What is even more confusing is that these items in the boxes are often not kept.

They are taken to a store where, when presented with a slip of paper, can be exchanged for currency. Why is so much trouble taken to offer the items to people, wrapped and put under this gaudy tree only to be given away? The material items that are kept, though, seem to consume all the time of the children. One child was given a circle with a hole in it, which was in a rectangular case, and he put this circle into a box and proceeded to stare at the screen and hold a device attached to the box by a wire.

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He clearly thought that was more important than spending time with his family or friends. In fact, most of these Americans I have observed highly treasure their material items from under the tree as they pay more attention to them than to fellow Americans. It is so much work to get a hold of the tree and to decorate it, and it seems very important, yet at the end of the day many of the trees are thrown away.

So much hard work gone to waste.

The Line Between Weirdness And Normalacy Depends Entirely on Your Point of View

The only normal part of the holiday seems to be the family gathering for dinner on Christmas day. Everything else, I do not understand. By looking at our own cultures as outsiders we can see that we are under the same influence of the power of culture as others are. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Read more….


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Cultural Relativism and Its Importance in Understanding Michael Vick

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