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I have also taught philosophy at the Universities of Sussex —14 and Glasgow —17 where I was a postdoctoral researcher on the AHRC-funded Rethinking the Senses project thesenses.

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I completed my doctorate, which analysed arguments for and against representational views of perceptual experience, at the University of Warwick in under the supervision of Professors Bill Brewer and Matthew Soteriou. I strongly believe in increasing the public awareness and understanding of philosophy, and am available to comment on a range of issues including:. I co-designed The Illusions Index illusionsindex.

Details of my other public engagement and outreach activities can be found on my website keithwilson.

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Oxford University Press, May Wilson, Keith Judge , M. For further details, please see my personal website keithwilson.

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Perceptual Idealism and Phenomenal Geometry

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