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This essay allows you to express your personal and professional examples to show the admissions committee a complete view of who you are as a candidate. Your best chance to be distinct comes from disclosing how an aspect of your life bloomed over time into something further and has facilitated to be the person you are today. Make sure to choose one theme and follow it through the essay. Hopping around lacking logic or link will cause the essay to miss the mark. Always make sure that you keep your essay under words.

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For example, the reason for your low GPA, an employment gap in your resume or any other part of the application that may be perceived as a weakness or red flag. Along with the application, if this optional question helps the admissions committee to understand more about you, it may be worth submitting. Applicants need to keep the word limit extremely precise to words. This question is crucial for the re-applicants since the admission committee is looking to understand how you have improved upon your candidature since the last application. Though this question, the admission committee is asking for the improvement in your application, ad com wants to assess how failure has altered your perspective and how differently you have geared up this time for the Booth MBA admission.

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Toggle navigation. Chicago Booth MBA Essay Questions The set of questions includes two compulsory questions, one optional question, and a re-applicant question. Through each essay question, the admission committee is looking for a specific response. Thus, understand the question well before answering and keep in mind what the admissions committee is looking for from you through the question.

You worked so hard to put together your first MBA application, and I understand that seeing that hard work dinged can be very disheartening. You might think that, because you put so much work in the first time, there is little you can do to improve your chances this time around.

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However, I can assure you that even the simple passage of time will bring new opportunities for improving your application. Maybe your personal brand needs to be tweaked. Maybe your MBA resume could be more compelling. We have worked with many reapplicants who used the same recommenders but with a different focus and strategy.

Many applicants have stellar recommendations and need to focus on other areas for improvement, such as GMAT scores, leadership experience or self-awareness. To determine if your recommendations contributed to your initial denial, engage with your recommenders to determine how supportive they were. This evaluation should help you to determine where you most need to improve, and if you need to enlist new recommenders.

You might consider trading out one recommender for a new voice, or simply helping your recommenders refocus around a new and improved MBA application strategy. When you are denied admission to a particular MBA program, and especially an elite MBA program, it is tempting to attribute the rejection to bad luck.

Maybe your timing was just unlucky or your application got reviewed right after some Olympic athlete who also happens to have started a successful business.

This conclusion might make you feel better — and could even be true. The best reapplicants go back to the drawing board and reconsider their entire MBA application.

How to Ace the Reapplicant MBA Essay

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